rov n techs scottsdale arizona
rov n techs scottsdale
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rov n techs scottsdale

Rov-N-Techs Repair Testimonials Scottsdale Arizona 480-998-6617


I don't know how it came to be, but an auto shop that is honest, efficient, and justly priced actually does exist and I've had the great fortune to find them.  I believe they are former techs from the Range/Land Rover dealership thus have extensive knowledge & expertise, but a few years ago parted ways to open their own shop and decidedly NOT royally rip-off their clients like the dealership does.  Seriously, for the amount of disdainfully over-priced work I've paid to the dealership for repairs & maintenance over the years I could have purchased a small island.  I have only positive things to say about Rover Techs after having my car serviced their multiple times now (including the time I thought my A/C was out only to have them kindly point out I had the "economy" button pressed thus suppressing the cold air= no repairs needed.  Or the time I swore my brakes needed replaced only to have them tell me the back set still had 90% use left and the front about 50%, so to wait until they were really worn to have them fixed.  Both times, free of charge.)  
This is how a business should be run!

Amanda R - Phoenix, Arizona

This is a great independent Land Rover shop.  Kevin truly knows what he's talking about and did a great job with our Discovery I.  This shop is clean and well organized.  I'd recommend this shop to any Rover owner!

Andrew L - Phoenix, Arizona

Just got my Range Rover back and I couldn't be happier. Everything was done right and the price was a lot lower then anyone else. I would highly recommend them.

David D - Phoenix, Arizona